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Creating a local Mac administrator account that is invisible

Creating a local Mac administrator account that is invisible

By Centrify Advisor IV on ‎03-23-2012 04:21 PM - last edited ‎01-02-2014 11:13 AM



The method for creating invisible accounts has since been updated to work across OS upgrades. Please see this article here for the new method:






Best practices for integrating with AD suggest that you keep a local administrator account on your Mac. It's possible to create this local administrator account and keep it hidden from users.


When you unbundle a new Mac, you'll need to create an admin account anyway. You use this to install Centrify and bind to Active Directory.


When you create a local admin account, give it the name ".admin" (with a period in front).


It won't show up in the list of users under System Preferences -> Users and Groups





When the regular AD user logs in, it won't show up in the Users and Groups display.






However, when you log in with the hidden admin account, it will show up in Users and Groups. 



Thanks to Steven H for the tip.



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