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DirectControl 5.0.2 Smart Card enhancements

DirectControl 5.0.2 Smart Card enhancements

By Centrify Advisor IV on ‎03-02-2012 01:15 PM


For you smart card users out there, we've added a nice application in 5.0.2  that will help with the smart card systems on your Mac. Here's the set of applications that we install on the Mac. 



 If you run the /Applications/Utilities/Centrify/SmartCardTool application, you will see the following new windows. 


Status of the smart card subsystem. 

Status of OCSP and CRL checking. 

Specific versions of the "tokend" drivers installed on the Mac. 


Here's a handy screen that will dump the contents of your smart card so you can see what each certificate is up to.  You can also open the Keychain app from here.


You can download this version from our Macintosh Support Center at http://www.centrify.com/support/mac-support-center.asp?

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