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download centrify enabled samba

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download centrify enabled samba



Where can I download centrify enabled samba for ubuntu 14.04?

In the download page I can only see centrify-suite, adbindproxy, and putty.




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Re: download centrify enabled samba



Due to the Samba Badblock vulnerability and other complexities, we no longer ship a Centrify-enhancedversion of Samba server, just the Identity Mapper (Adbindproxy).


The current versions are available via download center:  https://www.centrify.com/support/customer-support-portal/download-center/#adbindproxy


For information about badblock:  https://www.samba.org/samba/security/CVE-2016-2118.html



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Re: download centrify enabled samba

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There's a good blog and video tutorial here: http://community.centrify.com/t5/Community-Tech-Blog/Server-Suite-2016-Samba-with-adbindproxy/ba-p/2...


See around 4:30 in this video, which uses a Ubuntu system as an example: 





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Re: download centrify enabled samba

Thank you, it was very helpful. It should be updated in the documentation.


I have a problem with using samba with Centrify, but I'll open a new post so that the subject will reflect the question.


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Re: download centrify enabled samba

hello horto