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how to switch client license types.

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how to switch client license types.

Is there a way to switch license types on a client after they have been assigned one via adjoin?  For example if I joined a workstation to the domain, but used a server client license, and now I want to re-assign it a client workstation license, is there a command to do that without having to do do an adleave and then another adjoin.  I see there is an command like adjoin --licensetype "type"  but I don't see an examples of using that command to change a license after the fact.


thanks you,

Patrick Holt

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Re: how to switch client license types.



Welcome to the Centrify Server Suite forums.


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Yes, you can have a system use a workstation license provided this is a "workstation" class system based on the EULA.


Just use the adjoin command with the --licensetype switch at join time.  If your system is already joined, just use the adleave command and rejoin.


A useful reference here:  http://community.centrify.com/t5/TechBlog/TIPS-A-Centrify-Server-Suite-Cheat-Sheet/ba-p/22568

Plus the ccommand line reference is in the documentation center.  https://www.centrify.com/support/documentation/server-suite/



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Re: how to switch client license types.

Hello Patrick,


Thank you for posting your question to our forum. 


To change the licensing of a system that has been joined you can use the following command:




Example: adlicense -q  ( this will show the current license type)


For all the functionality of the "adlicense" command please see "man adlicense"


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Re: how to switch client license types.

Awesome, this is actually what I was looking for thanks. Also adlicense /? will give you the switches you can use as well, without needing to invoke Man. Thanks again, the adlicense command was exactly the command I was needing.