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Centrify with Spring Boot (Java)

by nathand on ‎11-25-2015 10:43 AM

Has anyone tried to integrate Centrify with Spring or Spring Boot?

I’m trying to integrate Centrify ADFS with Spring Security Kerberos using Java 1.8 with JCE on RHEL 6. Per this link - http://docs.spring.io/spring-security-kerberos/docs/1.0.1.RELEASE/reference/htmlsingle/#samples-sec-..., here are some sample properties that I would need to collect to run a Spring Boot sample



        ad-domain: EXAMPLE.ORG

        ad-server: ldap://WIN-EKBO0EQ7TS7.example.org/

        service-principal: HTTP/neo.example.org@EXAMPLE.ORG

        keytab-location: /tmp/tomcat.keytab

        ldap-search-base: dc=example,dc=org

        ldap-search-filter: "(| (userPrincipalName={0}) (sAMAccountName={0}))"


I’ve configured the SPN and keytab following this link - http://docs.spring.io/spring-security-kerberos/docs/1.0.1.RELEASE/reference/htmlsingle/#setupwinkerb.... But, I’m wondering if I even need to setup an SPN or if there would be a more suitable one already created by Centrify. Or maybe there are some Centrify peculiarities that I’m missing.


The code for the app can be found here - https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-security-kerberos/tree/master/spring-security-kerberos-sam.... You need to download the entire project, build with Gradle, then run the jar (java -jar spring-security-kerberos/spring-security-kerberos-samples/sec-server-win-auth/build/libs/sec-server-win-auth-1.0.2.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar). 

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