AD user account unable to log into machine

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AD user account unable to log into machine

Hi we are trying to get centrify up and running on our few macs in our windows domain. Ive come across a problem where one of our mac laptop users can no longer log into there AD account. Our mac laptops are all encrypted with File Vault and so currently need to log into a local user account to allow network accounts to be logged in.I am not sure if this is part of the problem or not but this method has been working for the last month since we started test centrity.  I came across this article while searching for a solution to my problem.


We followed all of the resolution steps under part 3 wich was the login error we were seeing. After we did the adflush the user was then able to log in using the terminal and then into there ad account. We then did a restart and the same login issue of shaking screen occured while logging into the ad account. 


Any help would be greatly apreciated!



Nick Tango

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Re: AD user account unable to log into machine

Hi Nick,


You may need to make the user a Mobile account in Users and Groups.  Also, under System Preferences / Centrify, Account Migration tab you can link a local account to an AD account.  Try these and let us know if it fixes your issue.

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Re: AD user account unable to log into machine

Otter, Nick ! 

 I have installed last version of macOS - mojave and last version Centrify. 

I tried to encrypt disk and as result I need to login via local user and then I have option to login via AD/Centrify user.


AD account has mobile attribute "Mobile" in User/Preferences but I don't see them on first list of users who needs to decrypt disk.

Can you assist me , please !