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Additional authentication request

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Additional authentication request




Since couple of weeks we have some new additional popup in browsers. It appears when users try to connect to Centrify Admin / User Portal or O365 Portal. It contains fields for username and password.


In Chrome the dialog box says: “Authentication request. Hostname requires username and password”. Hostname is my Centrify Cloud Connector server name. It disappears after 5-10 seconds.


In Internet Explorer the dialog box says: “Connecting to Hostname”.  And it does not disappear.


Not sure if users get it in Firefox.


Any idea why users get it? And how can I fix it? Any help will be much appreciated.





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Re: Additional authentication request

Hello Unisys! Welcome back to the Community Portal!

It appears you may be experiencing an issue with IWA. Are these users attempting to access the Admin/User/O365 portals from your internal network? If so, can you follow the below documentation links to test IWA and also confirm if the browsers are configured for silent authentication?

Verify IWA over HTTP - https://docs.centrify.com/en/centrify/adminref/index.html#page/cloudhelp/Scenario_IWA.09.html

How to configure browsers for silent authentication - https://docs.centrify.com/en/centrify/adminref/cloudhelp/cloud-admin-config-browser-silent-auth.html...

I would also recommend viewing the below KB article to troubleshoot your issue further:

KB-4257: Troubleshooting Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) with Centrify Identity Service: