Chrome on Mac - browser restart required

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Chrome on Mac - browser restart required

This is more of an anoyance than a bug, but I thought there might be a solution?


I'm on latest OS X (10.13.6) with current Google Chome (69.0.3497.100).  Everything works as it should, but if I remove my card, I need to completely restart my browser in order for things to work properly again.


With the default High Sierra smart card support this does not occur, but the default smart card support doesn't work with Kerberized SSH (KRB/OSSH).  Centrify Express makes the kerberized SSH work and my card is always seen as a CACNG.

Is there any way to either (1) force Chrome to use the built-in High Sierra smart card support, or (2) get Chrome to work so that I don't have to restart my browser each time I remove my card?




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Re: Chrome on Mac - browser restart required

Hi @JB864945,


Welcome to Centrify community!


After some resaerch online, I noticed that native MacOS smartcard does support Kerberos authentication as mentioned below:


Meanwhile, I will try to reproduce the issue on Chrome and see if that is an expected behavior. Can you also test with other browser and see if you experience the same problem?


Please keep us posted. Thank you!




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Re: Chrome on Mac - browser restart required



Currenly Chrome is the only browser working with Centrify Express on MacOS.  Safari was working a couple weeks ago, but seems to be tempormental now.  I don't believe Firefox was ever supported?


With Chrome, if I completely quit Chrome and start fresh, when I try to authenticate to a website, Chrome will first ask me which certificate I want to use, then prompt for my PIN.  Closing the logged in tab, then opening a new tab and navigating back to the same website works.  As long as I don't remove my smartcard.  Once I remove my smartcard, I can no longer authenticate to any website.  I must completely quit Chrome and start over.


This behavior is specific to Centrify Express with the CACNG driver.  I didn't experience this with the default OS X CAC driver.




Thanks again for the assistance!