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Connector unavailable error

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Connector unavailable error

We have setup connectors for two domains for authentication via Centrify. We have recently setup Fortigate firewall.


In a computer that is part of DOMAIN A, Centrify connector is able to connect to the internet.


In a computer that is part of DOMAIN B, Centrify connector is unable to connect to the internet. It says "Connector is not available". This is inspite of an user in that computer able to browse successfully.


Is there an option to specify firewall IP address in Centrify connector settings for it to connect successfully?

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Re: Connector unavailable error



Please review the


Overall Requirements:  https://docs.centrify.com/en/centrify/adminref/index.html#page/cloudhelp%2Fcloud-admin-install-requi...


After reading those:  https://docs.centrify.com/en/centrify/adminref/index.html#page/cloudhelp%2Fcloud-admin-install-requi...


Remember:  No SSL intercepts, the connection  has to be transparent.



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