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Constantly Asking for CAC Pin

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Constantly Asking for CAC Pin

I am currently trying to bring a new apple product to our DOD Network. When i installed centrify express for CAC authentication, everything seemed to work great, it could see the CAC and everything. The seond I try to go to my secure email, it goes to the website, but it constantly like very second asks for my PIN number. Its not caching my pin, so about every second i get a prompt to type my pin, and it is very hard to get anywork done. any suggestions?

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Re: Constantly Asking for CAC Pin

Hi @araiv,


Welcome to Centrify community!


According to your description, the PIN is able to log you into the Mac for authentication which is great. However, it deson't seem to be able to accept your PIN / certificate for secure websites.


With that being said, I suspect the issue is on the certificate itself. As there are many purpose a certificate have, Server authentication, client authentication, secure email, etc. This can be configure when you are creating the certificate template for the Smartcard.


Since the PIN is able to log you into the Mac for authentication, therefore this proves the PIN is correct, and the certificate has Server authentication setup within. However, it's denying the PIN from logging into the website, therefore I believe this could be due to the missing config of the certificate on the smartcard.


To verify that, try to update the Smartcard with a different certificate and see if you are able to login to the secure mail. If not, please help to capture the diagnostic report for us with the following steps:


1. Open up Smart Card Assistant

2. Go to Diagnostics

3. Click "Run" and it will require to input the PIN

4. Once finished running, please click "Save to Desktop" to save the diagnostic


Please upload the file or paste the diagnostics to this post. Thanks!