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Creating AD home directories automatically

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Accepted Solution

Creating AD home directories automatically

[ Edited ]

System config:

Ubuntu 12.04

Using Centrify Express with Centrify Samba


Hi all,

I edited centrifydc.conf as follows, expecting it to create the user home directories automatically. Am I misreading something, or forgetting a parameter?


auto.schema.use.adhomedir: false

auto.schema.homedir: /home/%[user]

pam.homedir.create.mesg: Created home directory

pam.homedir.create: true

pam.homedir.perms: 0700


This is what happens in the following scenarios:

Scenario A

User logs on the server via ssh. Home directory is created.


Scenario B

User logs on to the samba share via Windows Explorer/etc. Home directory is not created.


Ideally I need scenario B to work and create the home directories, as it will be hard getting all the users logging onto the server, or creating the folders manually.



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Re: Creating AD home directories automatically

Someone asked same question before and you can find the solution via this link.





Please let us know if it works for you.

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Re: Creating AD home directories automatically

Thank you, this worked perfectly.


So does Centrify Samba not use PAM at all? And if no, will it ever be configured to do so?


Thanks again.

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Re: Creating AD home directories automatically



Thanks for using Centrify.


Let me explain the value added benefits Centrify provides to Samba before answering your question.  Centrify enhances Samba in the following ways:


  1. Easy Installation.  Easy to use script to install and configure Samba.
  2. Proper computer account password syncrhonization between Centrify and Samba since both agents will be communicating to AD with the computer account password.
  3. ID mapping module capabilities.  This assures that when users copy files from Windows systems that users get the appropriate UNIX permissions

Beyond that, the behavior of the Centrify enabled Samba is the same as the stock version of Samba.


Therefore what I would recommend is that you post your question to the Samba forum and ask if there are any plans to have Samba use PAM.  If Samba does use PAM one day, the Centrify enabled will as well.


Hope this helps,

Felderi Santiago
Technical Director - NA East, LATAM
Centrify Corporation
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Re: Creating AD home directories automatically

Thanks again. Sounds perfect :)