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Registered: ‎04-05-2017
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I'm receiving this error when trying to access some DoD sites using my Mac with Sierra (10.12.3) and Chrome as my browser.  I receive the same error when I attempt to access the same sites using Safari.

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Hi Scooter619,


Thanks for your inquiry and welcome to Centrify.


From the description, it seems like the problem is complaining about the token/certificate itself. Could you try the below and see if it will help?


The following steps needs to be done on the Centrified Mac as root or sudo:

1) #cd /System/Library/Security/tokend/ (10.10 or below)

#cd /Library/Security/tokend/ (10.11 or above)

2) #sudo mkdir tmp

3) #sudo mv CAC* tmp/

4) The Smart card must be removed and re-inserted again.

5) Please try again with Chrome


Note: In case, if you wanted to revert back to CAC profile, to undo the changes to tokend as follows:

sudo mv /System/Library/Security/tokend/tmp/CAC* /System/Library/Security/tokend/ (10.10 or below)

sudo mv /Library/Security/tokend/tmp/CAC* /Library/Security/tokend/ (10.11 or above)


Thank you.


Best Regards,