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Invalid Profile

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Accepted Solution

Invalid Profile

I have no idea what board I should post this on. Its in regards to getting a MDM policy downloaded onto a new iPhone.

I configured Apple DEP with Centrify. I turn on the iphone for the first time, and it can see that there is a configuration profile to download because it prompts for Active Directory credentials. I put my credentials in, and it says "The configuration for your iPhone could not be downloaded. Invalid Profile"


Help please!



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Re: Invalid Profile

Hi @Slamdance,


By googling the error message, that appears to be a common Apple issue. 


Couple of suggestion are to check the iOS console (see KB below) or check if there is any conflict MDM profile already installed on the device (Systems > General > Device Management):




Thank you.

Best Regards,

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Re: Invalid Profile

Thanks for the reply!
The devices are brand new, out of the box. Now this morning, I put in my credentials on device boot, and nothing happens. No error, just nothing.
So I do not even have the Centrify Mobile App installed, to adjust log settings.
I googled the error, but I didn't find anything anywhere about this.
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Re: Invalid Profile

I figured it out. I had to configure the Cloud manager APNS certificate. Once I did that within Centrify settings, the profiles loaded on the iPhones.


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Re: Invalid Profile

Kudos for helping the community by updating the post with the correct answer to the issue!

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