Macs frequently need to be restarted for Network logins to succeed

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Re: Macs frequently need to be restarted for Network logins to succeed



We hear your frustration.


Please contact support if you're a customer and open a brand new thread (your issue may not be directly related to this thread, even if the 'supposed' solution is the same.).


Note that a proper design and training are typically the best ways to maximize your implementation and minimize frustration.


Note that you stated that this may happen "sometimes" (although in your last paragraph it changed to "always") - it's very important to understand your environment and the circumstances that lead to these conditions, plus collection of logs to get to the root of the issue.



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Re: Macs frequently need to be restarted for Network logins to succeed

Different context.  The point was the Centrify connector breaks frequently.  It should "just work"...  it's login authentication, kind of critical.  


I've done the tech support song and dance (I collected debug logs while it was happening and forwarded it to tech support, who said they didn't see anything happening in the logs) and unfortunately it was fruitless and costly in terms of time and I just don't have the time to stop down our producers / artists / etc. every time this happens - basically means two employees are doing nothing for however long it takes to get in touch with support, get someone on the phone, etc.  These people are often freelancers as well so the reason they are here is because we need something done, and done now, not later, and they are already additional expenditures as it is.  I'm also the only IT professional on staff, so I really don't have time to deal with it.


I ran quite a few macs at a previous company with the built in directory utility, and never had these random issues with people not able to log in.  This very expensive product should be just as reliable as the built in utility, with added features on top.  I get that it's apple and all kinds of things are changing all the time, but I don't have the time to be your bug tester / QA department, that's what we are paying for.


Anyway sorry for the rant, this product was sold to us as something that "just worked" and when we asked what kind of issues we could expect to see we were told basically nothing.