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Migrating mismatched usernames

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Migrating mismatched usernames

Hello we are migrating our Mac users over to active directory and it is going great other then one problem we have been having.


We have some users that there local Mac user account is not the same as the AD account, but they just happen to match another user in AD, what can I do to change the users account or home folder to make it match when I run the migration tool.


Example: I am migrating Jeremy Lewis and his local user account is jlewis and his home folder is /Users/jlewis and his AD username is jeremylewis. Well James Lewis has the AD username jlewis, so whenever I run the migration tool it tries to link his account to James Lewis and not Jeremy Lewis. I am guessing I just need to rename the user account folder and it should work correct?

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Re: Migrating mismatched usernames

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Hi James,


You're halfway there - though if you just rename the home folder on the local account you run the risk of messing up its connection to the local profile in the Users & Groups panel.


You just need to add an extra step to your sequence:


  1. Login as Local Admin (NOT the user being migrated) and go to System Preferences > Users & Groups

  2. Select the local account to be migrated and press the minus button at the bottom to delete that user...!

  3. You'll get a confirmation dialogue asking if you're sure along with three options:

    - Save the home folder to a disk image
    - Don't change the home folder
    - Delete the home folder

  4. Choose the second option: "Don't change the home folder"

  5. After the user profile is deleted, look in the /Users/ folder and you'll see their old home folder as:

    /Users/jlewis (Deleted)

  6. You can now rename that folder to match their AD username:


  7. Go to System Preferences > Centrify > Account Migration and you should be able to link directly to their correct AD account


Checkout the following article for some further background reading on how Account Migration works:




Hope that helps! And kind regards,


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Re: Migrating mismatched usernames

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The instruction from BLau are old. You don’t have to perform steps 2 through 6 anymore, because the Centrify Account Migration utility now automatically does all those steps.


The current instructions are posted at: