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Office 365 SSO does not work anymore

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Office 365 SSO does not work anymore

Dear Community Experts,


My Office 365 SSO worked fine several month already, thanks Centrify for a great product.


But last week SSO has stopped working. Users have to type username and password on every O365 app login.  The only change in settings I remember - "Email confirmation code" is disabled in Authentication Profile. Not sure if this change really breaks SSO.


How can I fix it?


How can I find why SSO  stopped working with Office 365? Log files? Some other troubleshoot tool?


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Office 365 SSO does not work anymore

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Welcome back to the Centrify forums.  As you know, the Identity Platform is updated every month.


Since June, we've been announcing the impending deprecation of Integrated Windows Authentication negotiation over HTTP starting in the 16.10 (october) release.  If your users aren't getting SSO, most likely the reason is that you have not updated these settings.


Here are some resources:


@LMcAndrew's post:  http://community.centrify.com/t5/Centrify-Identity-Service/Has-your-IWA-Single-Signon-stopped-workin...


or this KB article:



Always remember to opt-in to Centrify communications or read the release notes every month.



Related posts:  http://community.centrify.com/t5/Centrify-Express/centrify-authentication-every-day/m-p/24607/highli...


Excerpt from the announcement:

Deprecated Support for IWA over HTTP


As communicated when we upgraded to 16.7, we are officially removing support for IWA over HTTP.

  • HTTPS checkbox has been removed, as it’s now the only option


 Cloud Connector Configuration from 16.9



Cloud Connector Configuration from 16.10 - HTTPS checkbox removed




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