[Read Me 1st] Helpful tips on posting in the Express Forum

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[Read Me 1st] Helpful tips on posting in the Express Forum

Welcome to the Centrify Express Forum! Before posting your first question, please take a look at the following tips on how to get started:


  • Please search the the community before posting, your question may have already been answered before
  • If you are a commercial customer, please contact your rep to get a Centrify Support account in order to post your questions in the paid product forums
  • If you post in the Express forum, the question will be answered in the context of that product
  • Make sure that you provide basic information like your OS, architecture and the version of Centrify Express
    • Include all relevant error messages, system specifications and a detailed description of your technical question in the post
    • See this post for helpful tips on how to submit the right information when posting.
  • Note: the current supported community version is always the latest

  • Initiate a new thread instead of replying to an outdated/unrelated thread

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