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Service accounts


  How does centrify handle services that run as a local user on RHEL?  Can one use Centrify to run a service without a special plugin?

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Re: Service accounts

CentrifyDC does not interfere with ANY local accounts. So in otherwords it is your responsibility to manage them. Yes you can choose Active Directory to hold service accounts and leave it for Centrify to take care of answering look up queries by Linux OS.


Please do watch this chalktalk to understand it a bit more.

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Re: Service accounts

Hi, seems chalktalk link is dead. could you reout to it? youtube search does not help.

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Re: Service accounts



Thread is too old.

Why not start a new thread with your requirements and volunteers will be happy to help.


The key is to ask us What you want to accomplish  (versus how you want to accomplish it).

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