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adbindd is dying when using Centrify enabled Samba

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Re: adbindd is dying when using Centrify enabled Samba

 This is still an ongoing issue for me.  It happens on several servers, all Ubuntu Server 16.04.  Is there any diagnostic information I can send to help resolve the issue?  Samba is completely unreliable Centrify enabled servers.

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Re: adbindd is dying when using Centrify enabled Samba

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We've requested that somebody from support reaches out to you.  Provided that your profile information is up-to-date you should hear from them based on availability.  Alternatively you can private-message me your businesss e-mail address and phone number and I can open a ticket on your behalf.


Note that we assume that you've read the Samba Integration guide prior to implementing this solution



Note:  Express users get community support on a best-effort/availability basis, commercial users are entitled to business hours or 24x7 SLA-based suppport.



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Re: adbindd is dying when using Centrify enabled Samba

Per the support case that was opened to help resolve this issue, Centrify suggested to configure Samba to use NSS with winbind instead of adbindd.

Here is a community post that goes over that process:



It appears that after making that change, that the samba servers are running great!


Glad that helped resolve the issue!