centrify loses account

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centrify loses account

I have an issue where a user is unable to login to a the linux server. adinfo shows its connected and enabled, lone is auto zone. if I do a adquery user, it will pull all the users except this one user. I do an adflush, then another adquery user, it will pull all the users and this time that one user will appear. In a random time, that user will again disapear from the query. It seems to be only that server and only that user. I hope I explained it so someone can understand. Any Ideas?

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Re: centrify loses account

I am curious - is this with Centrify Express?  If so, I am seeing a similar problem - but with groups.  I posted about it some months back.  As of now, the issue is unresolved.



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Re: centrify loses account

Hello Brooks,


May I have the adclient version that is in use on this system? 


Please run "adinfo -v"  to get this information.


Also can you please check to see if the user with the problem is a part of  many more AD groups than users that are not experiencing the issue? 


 Please run "adquery user -A USERNAME"  to get this information ( Both Local and AD group memberships  will be at the bottom).


Thank you,