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nslookup and ping issues

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nslookup and ping issues

We are joining linux machines to a windows domain. nslookup and ping of windows machines in the domain fail unless I use the FQDN of the windows machines. I am sure it is just a config issue, however I have not been able to resolve. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: nslookup and ping issues



Note that this is not a Centrify issue but a general DNS question.


To ping by short name, you need to make sure that the AD domain suffix is added to your /etc/resolv.conf using the proper directive (domain or search).  Depending on your UNIX/Linux version there are other places to specify this.





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Re: nslookup and ping issues

You absolutely correct and you pointed me right where I needed to go.
After making sure that there was a domain listed in the resolv.conf (search
mydomain.ad) by modifying the base file and regenerating the file, things
are working as expected and are persistent after a restart.

Thanks for your help!