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"Error executing /var/centrifydm/tmp/adjoin.cmd.501. DC: 5.3.0-220 Login successfull

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"Error executing /var/centrifydm/tmp/adjoin.cmd.501. DC: 5.3.0-220 Login successfull

Keep getting "Error executing /var/centrifydm/tmp/adjoin.cmd.501.

DC: 5.3.0-220

Login authentication for user 'localadmin' successful."

The machine I'm trying to add is on Yosemite, I've tried downgrading the software from the most recent Centrify version to earlier versions with no luck.

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Re: "Error executing /var/centrifydm/tmp/adjoin.cmd.501. DC: 5.3.0-220 Login successfull

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Welcome back.


Ideally you'll use the latest and greatest client (5.3.4).  It still provides support for OS X 10.10


I noticed that you're using Deployment Manager.  Did you upgrade the manifest before trying to do this?


Here's a link to the OS X Sierra resource page:



Check out the "Deployment Manager" box in the lower right.


Let us know if you have additional questions.



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