Will Centrify not autofill if "autocomplete = 'off'"?

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Will Centrify not autofill if "autocomplete = 'off'"?

Hi everyone,


I am a little new to Centrify and also to Javascript. However, I am trying to fix a start-up script for a web app I added to Centrify via the user-password method. Centrify should autofill the username and password box when it transfers you to the web app but it doesn't do anything for this website and users must manually input their username and password. I am trying to fix this.


I've been attempting to alter the form data fields in the "response.addFormField" command that is provided in Centrify's user-password web app's Advanced tab but after looking at the source code and also the DOM of the website I wanted this to work for and testing a few things out to no avail, I am at a loss. The actual source code (ctrl+u on Chrome) is very sparse and doesn't even have a username password field and then the DOM (ctrl+shift+i on Chrome) says the username and password element's autocomplete is off like so: 


<input type="text" class="gwt-TextBox" name="name" autocomplete="off">


<input type="password" class="gwt-PasswordTextBox" name="password" autocomplete="off">



I'm wondering how I should go about debugging or testing this out and if there are any pointers anyone can give me? I tried looking up this issue and came up with almost nothing. At this point, I am wondering if Centrify's autofill for password-user web apps does not work when autocomplete is off. 


I would really appreciate any help you could give to a starting computer science graduate like me. Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Will Centrify not autofill if "autocomplete = 'off'"?

Hello @chegihea and Welcome to the Centrify forums!


We built a great tool to help you with this, that requires a Firefox plug in to do all the work for you. Please see this document for instructions.




If this still does not work for you, feel free to post the site url or DM me with it, and we can offer some guidance. 


I hope this helps!


Have a great day!


Ryan V.