AutoZone and License Mode

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AutoZone and License Mode



Simple question here: I have a fairly large environment that we have been using the AutoZone for. We don't need the granular control of Hierarchical Zones, and AutoZone has served its purposes perfectly fine, and has been fairly plug and play.


The problem is, AutoZone only appears to allow "Workstation" mode licensing, and does not allow us to switch the licensing mode to "Server". This causes us issues with tracking the licensing correctly.


Is there some method to use AutoZone due to its simplicity, and use Server mode licensing that I'm unaware of, or do we need to configure a completely new zone and go through all the complex configuration of that to be able to use the Server licensing mode?


IF we do have to use a separate zone, how can we best mimic the exact function of AutoZone in terms of ease of use?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: AutoZone and License Mode



Thank you for using Centrify.  


To enable licensing in an Auto Zone deployment, run "adlicense -l".  After running the command, the agents will recognize you're in a licensed deployment mode.  




Felderi Santiago
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Re: AutoZone and License Mode

Afternoon Fel,


I'm still unable to change the licensing from workstation to server when in the AutoZone. 


adlicense -l shows that it is in licensed mode in the AutoZone, and it sets it to "licensed:workstation".


When I attempt to run "adlicense --licensetype server" I get "Error: Machine is joined to Auto Zone, server license type is not supported".


I still prefer to use Auto Zone due the ease of integration, however I need to be able to assign Server and Workstation licenses appropriately in that zone, and it looks like I can't do that?