Centrify The Show - Classic to HZ Migration Exercise

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Centrify The Show - Classic to HZ Migration Exercise

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In this video, Cindy and Kayne go over a 2000-server, 400-classic zone migration to Hierarchical zones.

To skip the show intro, go to 7:46.

Remember that to maximize your investment in Centrify and its capabilities, you should be thinking about migrating from Classic to Hierarchical Zones.

HZ's enable flexible management to enforce:

  • Deny-all access (least access)
  • Privileged User Management leveraging AD Groups with Centrify-enhanced sudo
  • Quick attestation and reporting of who has access to which systems and what can they do
  • Eliminates the need to know (or share) the root (or any other service account passwords)
  • Adds the ability to extend this management model to Windows.  (Great to mitigate the issue of persistent local administrators or lots of members in key AD groups, and the increasingly popular hash attacks)
  • Last but not least, improves your identity, provisioning and ease of management in general.

There are also Classic to HZ jumpstarts available.


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