Centrify and kickstart file

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Centrify and kickstart file


i'm looking forward to install centrify agent and direct control by default on all servers using kickstart file. Are there any recommendations/examples of how to do so?

thanks in advance

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Re: Centrify and kickstart file



For all Centrify packages on UNIX, Linux or Mac you'll get the version with the native package manager (e.g. RPM, dpkg, smit, DMG/ARD, etc.), therefore you will proceed the same way.  From a Centrify perspective, some planning needs to happen, just like a Windows computer:


a) How will the software be distributed (e.g. do you have an NFS or CIFS share as a central repository)

b) What account will be used to connect there and to perform the join?
Several options here like a shared secured account or a Kerberos ketyab

c) How will the installation be configured?
Several options here as well, like the .CFG file included as an answer file, or using the native package manager.  It all depends if you're using a single or multiple tempates.

d) Post installations tasks, some examples:

Will the account be precreated in AD?  (several avenues like adedit or PowerShell)

What domain will the system be joined to?
What zone? or child zone is the system going to be joined to?
Does the computer need to be put into an AD group for the purposes of Computer Roles?
What is the level of verbosity. to be used for the purposes of diagnostics?


Just a high-level non-detailed framework.

For example, if I want to use a keytab to connect and retrieve the file, plus perform the join, you can view this reference:  http://centrifying.blogspot.com/2014/08/using-kerberos-keytabs-and-centrify.html

To learn and view an example about using the CFG file:  http://centrifying.blogspot.com/2013/12/lab-7-installing-centrify-agent-and.html


Also, leverage the knowledgebase as well.


It would be great if you can share your experiences with the rest of the community.






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Re: Centrify and kickstart file

Hi Robertson,

let's simplify my question.

what i need is a very simple task! JUst need to install Centrify and that's it. IN other words i do not want to join servers to AD nor anything else, just install a few packages.

I assume that we should use NFS/CIFS shared folder for that purpose. For that being said is there a way to have that software shared on a server where centrify suite installed. IN other words I have a server (Windows). Centrify suite is installed on it. Sometime i do check for updated. Is it posible to share that folder (and where is it) with latest version of centrify software.

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Re: Centrify and kickstart file

To accomplish this you need to do the following:


1) Create a share and copy the Centrify package to it


Your kickstart process should then:

1) Mount the share

2) Install the package if it is not already installed


To install the package you can use the native OS packagement management commands (i.e. rpm, pkgadd, installp, etc.)



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