Centrify support of windows 2016

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Centrify support of windows 2016


We're running Enterprise Suite 2016.1 in our prod infrastructure and the VM team is currently rolling out Windows server 2016 builds.  Although we're planning an upgrade to 2017.3 in the next couple months, I am wondering if our 2016.1 CDA infrastructure & agents will support the windows server 2016.   I searched through the KB's and found a matrix of support for Direct Authorize and Direct Control, but not for Direct Audit.  Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Centrify support of windows 2016

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Welcome back to the Centrify forums.


You should be able to know what versions are supported from the All Supported Platforms page:



The Audit components are part of the Centrify Agent for Windows(tm) and they are supported on the Windows Server 2016 family (with the exception of graphics on Server Core):

We initially supported DirectAudit on WS2016 with Suite 2017 (feb 2017).


Tip:  In the future, the "canon" will always be the "Supported Platforms"  TOC in the release notes.

The lifecycle page is a great resource for direct access to all release notes and support durations:



Alternatively, you can coordinate a once/twice (or as many needed) visit from your Sales team to provide you with Platform updates, understand your products and if pre-arranged, one of us PMs can discuss your plans, our plans and find out alignment between your organization and our goals.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Note:  Windows Server 2016, just like its client Windows 10 is going the way of "Operating System as a Service"; so keep in mind that this is an "umbrella product" that has multiple versions that may be EOL.

For example, Windows 10 1507 (July 2015) is already EOL.  The assumption is that since the updates are "free" there are no barriers for upgrade (in Enteprises that's not likely the case), so keep a close eye on build numbers.

At Centrify we support the "current version"  (based on the manufacturer, in this case MSFT).



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