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Device type

When adding network device type can the device influence the operation?

I'm thinking of adding all network devices like UNIX to facilitate, what do you guys think?

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Re: Device type



- UNIX system type will use standard UNIX-like commands for password management in addition to session access.  (e.g. attempts to connect over ssh, connects, and runs 'passwd' and injects the old and new creds).

- GenericSSH system type does not provide password management capabilities.  Only session accesss.


You have to use an educated decision if using UNIX system type on network devices.  For example, if the device ultimately is based on CentOS, you will gain both capabilities since the underlying OS is based on UNIX.  You may still have to allow the shared account SSH login and the ability to change the password on the command line.  Another example,  but let's say it's a Palo Alto PANOS system, that uses REST for password management over HTTPS, you may 'think' that you can do password management when you can't.


I hope this makes sense.



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