Disable directaudit on Windows systems

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Disable directaudit on Windows systems

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Help me please:


1. As I understand directaudit  turn on automatic on Windows systems when client installed on Windows systems. Is that so?


2. How to disable directaudit on Windows systems without removal directaudit agent?

3. How to disable directaudit agent on Windows systems without removal directaudit agent?

4. How to manage directaudit agent services (DirectAudit Agent service/wdad.exe) on Windows systems - start/stop services on windows systems?


5. Is it possible to switch off and on directaudit on Windows systems (temporarily disable directaudit on Windows systems)?




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Re: Disable directaudit on Windows systems



The Centrify DirectAudit service is secured by default which means that it cannot be stopped unless the solution is uninstalled.  This is to stop someone with admin privileges on a system from simplying stopping the Service to disable auditing.


In a future version, Centrify will provide more granularity on whether or not to configure the Service to be secured.  We've had customers that love this features and others that would like more control over the service.


In the meantime, there's a knock code you can run to stop the Service to stop it.  Private message me and I will provide it to you. 



Felderi Santiago
VP of Enterprise Solutions
Centrify Corporation
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Re: Disable directaudit on Windows systems

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Felderi - I would like the code to disable the direct audit as well (we didn't install the product - it is from the client install) and is consuming way too much space.  How do I go about private messaging you for the information?




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Re: Disable directaudit on Windows systems

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Welcome to the Centrify community.

You are responding to a thread from 2015 and the product has changed significantly since the original question was asked.


If you are using a current version of the product, find the program called "Agent Configuration" and remove the "Auditing and Monitoring Service"


If the button for removal is greyed out, this means that the setting comes from group policy and it has to be disabled there first (or simply removed from the scope of the GP).

Help reference:  https://docs.centrify.com/en/css/2017.2-html/index.html#page/Managing_Windows/win_adm_install_agents...


Please note that a group policy was introduced years ago that allows the definition of who can stop the auditing service.  This can be found in the group policy guide.



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