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Dynamic account

Dynamic account


We need to create a SET of accounts where we want to group all accounts that start with "OUT", would anyone have this script?
I think the column used is target.


Is it possible to have more than two variables? Do we need to add accounts that start with OUT and AEX?

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Re: Dynamic account

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Let's teach you how to fish.


Earlier this year we created a WYSIWYG-driven SQL Report builder.  This comes handy in these situations.

The location is Core Services > Reports > New Report.


Getting Started

You're looking at the server table. We start by checking-off some fields (ID being the most important) and name.


Note that the SQL statement is being built automatically on the other side.



In your requirements, you need systems that start with OUT and AEX.  I will use in my example "dc" and "mem" since I don't have systems with those names in my test environment.


For this I click on the filter icon next to Name and add the proper filters.  Note: for this to work, I used the OR statement. Otherwise you'll get no results.



The SQL at this point, looks like this:



At this point, you can preview to see if the results thrown are the ones you want.  In my case, remember, DC and MEM.


What you have accomplished?  You have the SQL query for your dynamic set.  All you need is to select the ID field.


Set Creation

Create the Set as Dynamic and See your Results.


End Result



I hope this helps.


Now, if you're a customer and received your training, remember that Dynamic Sets are organizational only.  This means that they can't be used for automation of member permissions.  Static Sets are the way to go here.


Finally, it looks like I misread your post and you're looking for an account set.  Same process but you're looking at the VaultAccount table.




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Re: Dynamic account