Group Policy Network Shares mounting - Doesnt always work

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Group Policy Network Shares mounting - Doesnt always work

Hi ,


We currently use Centrify for our small suite of macs. On one group of our macs we have the option set to store the Mac user homedirectory on a network share which seems to work fine for the past year.


The only problem i seem to have is, what seems randomly that sometimes a user doesnt get the "Network Shares" folder on their desktop nor do they get any network connected shares in their "Computer".


On a class of around 30 users this could happen to around 2 users. One way that seems to sort this out is to delete both the "Library" folder and the "Desktop" folder in their Home which it then recreates them and then the network shares seem to be ok.


is this a problem with me using networked home drives ?





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Re: Group Policy Network Shares mounting - Doesnt always work



Welcome back.

We are sorry to hear that you're experiencing these issues.


Keep in mind that if you are a Centrify customer, you are entitled to SLA-based support.

The case you outline requires data gathering, including understanding how your environment is laid out. 


If I was troubleshooting this the very first questions I'd ask are:

  • What are the OS X versions?
  • Do they have uniform versions of the Centrify client software?  (we do have several releases a year to address bugs).
  • Does this happen to the same systems, or does it vary (e.g. works today, but not tomorrow, etc)?
  • What is the layer-2 media?  WiFi (shared), Wired (switched).
  • Is DNS performing as expected?
  • Was there a timeout?  (believe it or not, many systems hitting shares at the same time may depend on environmental issues such as wired/wireless networking, bandwidth or performance or file servers).

Many questions to ask, but ultimately the answer may lie in your log files.


If you're a commercial customer, use the "contact us" link.  We are happy to help.

If you're an express customer, start by answering the questions above and other volunteers like me may provide useful feedback.



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