Re-size Direct Audit Disk Partition

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Re-size Direct Audit Disk Partition

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Hi All


I actually have a Storage for Direct Audit, but it is necessary re-size the Storage, so, someone know a procedure to do this?


If you need more information let me know.





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Re: Re-size Direct Audit Disk Partition

Hello Mendeza,


There is various answer to your question, depending of what you want to achieve or your needs in term of Audit.


Short answer is that you simply need to do a database rotation: simply create a new Active database in the Audit Store where you need more space, then detach the other database and archive it.


Another answer could be that you just identify the sessions you don't need to keep and delete them from the Database to release space (assuming that you are using DirectAudit 3.x you can do this from the Audit Manager Console, for previous version you will need a bit of SQL).


Finally, if you have a requirment to keep every sessions online (so they are searchable), then you just have to consider extending storage capability of your SQL Server. Still, even in this case I recommend to perform a Database rotation to keep active Database size reasonable (but still keep all database attached to the AuditStore).

There is much more details for each answer but it's complicate to cover them in a forum post, so I prefer to just give you hints here simply assuming your needs.
For more information Database rotation and data management is explained into the Audit Admin Guide and there is example of automated rotation with the SDK (shipped with the product and available on the Download portal).

Hope that helps.




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