Yubico with authenticator

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Yubico with authenticator


I'm using a Yubico as a MFA (to login) and it's work very well, but, when the notebook is offline I can't login because it ask me a offline passcode. So, how can I set Yubico on Centrify to use it with an authenticator? It is possible to do it?

Actually I'm reading the post http://centrifying.blogspot.com/2016/04/labs-centrifyadyubikey-implement-strong.html, but or I've did something wrong or It's not work on my cenario.


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Re: Yubico with authenticator

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Welcome back.


Let's clarify a bit.  YubiKeys can be 3 things:  A smart card, An OATH OTP and a FIDO U2F key.  The applicable use case here is for OATH OTP.  The referenced article from my personal blog is about using the YubiKey as a Smart Card. 


I hope this clears it out.


Now to your question.  I will rephrase a bit.


"Can I use my YubiKey as an Offline MFA login mechanism with Centrify on Windows?"


Absolutely Yes!  But you'll have to wait until the 2nd week of December.   We are just doing early access now for our 18.11 bits for Infrastructure Service that includes this capability.  Here are some screenshots:





Sequence while offline



We've also enhanced some of our tooling to be able to determine who's set up their enrollment codes



I hope this helps.


If you are a commercial customer, contact your Centrify SME if you'd like to participate in the early access.  Otherwise hang tight and in December these bits will be available.



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Re: Yubico with authenticator

Hi Robertson

I hoped this doubt would finds you because of the article you wrote about Yubkeys. So, yes, your answer helped me a lot. I'll let my custumer know that. He will be very happy with the news (just like me).

Thank you very much