adquery not showing all user

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adquery not showing all user

adquery not showing all user


if i do adflush, all users shows up with adquery user. But then most of the users disappears again after few hours. any reason? 


noticing this on handful of server from multiple datacenter conectede to different dc. has anyone notice this in the past?

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Re: adquery not showing all user

Hello Rajju,


My name is Joshua with Centrify. I want to figure out some details related to the adflush command you ran.

Are the users that remain a few hours after running adflush the same users across all machines the command is run from?  

Also, did you specify any arguments with your adflush command? The adflush command only clears the agent cache. But if you run -f for example, it will remove the adclient cache file completely and rebuild it by forcing adclient to fetch everything from Active Directory. This would increase the amount of time it takes for adclient to recover the user information for query.