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home directories

Currently my user population has 2 home directories set for them.


In the Windows world the H: drive is mapped at logon to a Windows share full of folders (\\server\homshare\username). This is accomplished with the Home Directory setting in AD.


Their Direct Control profile maps a user directory at login to /mount/username where users can save Unix generated data like reports.


This DC profile directory is also shared out via samba and mapped by login script for every user at login so that unix generated data is available to the Windows workstation the user is logged into. Now the user has an H: and a U: mapped on their workstation.


In the interest of simplifying the environment for the users and lessining administrative overhead, I would like to have the Unix world mount the Windows (H:) home directory at login via CIFS. This way I will have one less set of servers to backup, maintain, license etc etc etc.


Please do not tell me it is as simple as changing that property in Direct Control...

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Re: home directories

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Welcome to Centrify.


Please do not tell me it is as simple as changing that property in Direct Control...

We've seen this accomplished commonly with multiprotocol shares given the variability of mounting CIFS shares, especially when you have combos of UNIX and Linux.  Certain OSs/Distros do a better job than others.


ADUC - Cifs share.jpg


We see customers accomplish this with multiprotocol shares, provided that:

  • The unix namespace is uniform  (no identity overrides)
  • The file servers (appliances/servers) support multiprotocol and permission extensions
  • Ideally everyone supports Kerberos.

The devil is in the detail.  Requires a lot of standardization, but it can be done.


Are you using appliances?


I wrote about this on this post (using NetApp as an example):




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