mac os: everyone can unlock screen

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mac os: everyone can unlock screen

Hello reader,


I'm as much excited that you're reading this as you are. I'm grateful that you take the time, I hope it's not wasted.


To come to my problem, it's kinda odd. Of course we have a policy locking the screen of MacOS after some time, password is needed to unlock them then. The odd part is that every user can unlock every other users screen. Sadly this happens only in our production environment, not in the testing environment. I've tried to find the differences but I was unable to locate the setting that allows this somewhat critical breach of security.


Maybe you have encountered this or you have an idea where to look. Unlocking the screen in our productive environment is a small window where you can enter username and password, in my testing environment the unlock screen is more similar to the general login screen but without the posibility of giving a username, only the password of the currently logged in user helps.


I appreciate all hints that may or may not lead me to a solution here.


Kind regards