How does dzdo command take parameter?

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How does dzdo command take parameter?

When we add command '/bin/mount  <device> <mount point>' to dzdo, should we use '/bin/mount *' or just '/bin/mount'?


Does the global expression mean global regular expresion or something else?



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Re: How does dzdo command take parameter?

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Page 156 and 157 of the Centrify Admin Guide explains how this works in detail.

In summary, the Glob expression matching uses the glob function and regular expressions use regcomp, regexec, and regex to match the configured commands against the command executed.&nbsp; See man glob and glob (7) and man regcomp, regexec and regex for more details.

The recommendation is to always be as specific as possible when configuring the command to make sure users can only execute the commands intended to be granted.

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