Automated passwords checkouts

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Automated passwords checkouts

HI. Reading across this documentation


and i have a question. in all code snippets we suggest interactive authentication. is there some examples of automated authentication to checkout passwords aprogrammatically? particularly speaking about Windows environment.

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Re: Automated passwords checkouts



Use the PowerShell samples and Get-CIPAccount.  It can retrieve a local, domain or database password; as far as authentication goes, relies on the service identity of an enrolled system and that identity must be granted at least View+Checkout at the object level (and +View at the parent if DB or Domain).

Note that the PowerShell samples also contain OAUTH2 auth as well.




PowerShell Samples location.



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Re: Automated passwords checkouts

[ Edited ]

I have finally found what i was looking for. =)

if any have the same questions, these are places to look:


A better way to manage local accounts with the Centrify Identity Platform


and, as the acticle above recomends, check couple of BASH samples at /usr/share/centrifycc/samples/apppassword/

access model is managed by sudo or dzdo rights.