adedit create_user not creating user profile

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adedit create_user not creating user profile

I am trying to create unix user profile using adedit command create_user. I am using the command in a script. This script was working a month back and it was successfully creating user profile under computer specific zone. but recetly when we ran the script, we could not see any profiles under computer specific zone.

I ran the command in adedit CLI as well. it is not returning any user.


$ adedit

>package require ade_lib
>bind ***.***.com
>slz "servername@CN=Test4,CN=Centrify_eng,CN=***,CN=***,CN=Zones,CN=Centrify,CN=Program Data,DC=***,DC=***,DC=com"
>create_user "" "-" "-" "-" "-" "-" "-" "-"
NssUser not in current zone


Could this be any change to the setting or configuration in centrify or AD?