A Top 10 Countdown: Our Most Popular Tech Blog Articles in 2016

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A Top 10 Countdown: Our Most Popular Tech Blog Articles in 2016

With 2017 fast approaching and the holiday season upon us, we are taking a look back at the community tech blogs that were most popular with you, our community members! To recap the most helpful information presented in the community, we've collected 10 of the most viewed articles published in 2016. Why not take a moment to read through these helpful articles in case you've missed them?



  1. [Labs] Using Centrify+Yubikey for Strong Authentication for Windows Access and Privilege Elevation




  1. Least-Privileged Access and the Centrify Restricted Shell




  1. Setting Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)



  1. Centrify profile de-provisioning & orphaned object removal - Part 2



  1. [HOWTO] Orchestration Basics - Using Puppet standalone to deploy Centrify and join Active Directory



  1. Integrating Centrify Server Suite with SIEM Tools Part 2, integration with Splunk



  1. LDAP Proxy, and You: A Definitive Guide



  1. Server Suite 2016 - Samba with adbindproxy



  1. Centrify Cloud Connector Set-Up



  1. [TIPS] A Centrify Server Suite Cheat Sheet



Thank you very much to all community members who’ve participated in our blogs and forums overy the past year. On behalf of Centrify's Customer Success and Technical Support teams, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

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