[Announcement] Centrify's products will be available exclusively on a subscription basis

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[Announcement] Centrify's products will be available exclusively on a subscription basis

Dear Community Members,


First, let us say thank you for being a valued customer of Centrify and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the future. Today we are announcing that effective July 1, 2018, all of Centrify’s software and services will only be available on a subscription basis. This aligns with how our customers are now purchasing Information Technology such as IaaS and SaaS. Centrify believes that subscription is the best way for our customers to get the greatest value from our technologies. Subscription purchases include product upgrades and updates (often referred to as “maintenance”) as well as support.


Current customers can continue to pay maintenance on their existing perpetual Centrify licenses (e.g. Centrify Server Suite.) However, new purchases of Centrify products will only be available as subscription and will no longer be available on a perpetual license basis


Please note that your deployment options will not change — cloud and on-premises will continue to be available, but only available as subscription.


Centrify has been rapidly delivering many new capabilities over the last few years and we want to ensure customers of our Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are getting full value from their Centrify relationship by maximizing security for privileged identities.


We have an upcoming series of webinars to walk you through exactly all the directions you can go to increase your privileged access security. Register Now.


            Mar 15, 2018    Get More Out of Your Existing Centrify Server Suite Investment

            Mar 29, 2018    Expand What You Know Works Beyond Linux/UNIX

            Apr 12, 2018     Step Up Your Security and Compliance Game 


If you have questions about licensing or to get more information about the Centrify Infrastructure Service, please contact your local Centrify representative and read the Subscription FAQ.

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