[Announcement] New Community User Ranking Structure

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[Announcement] New Community User Ranking Structure

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We are pleased to announce a new user ranking structure has been implemented in the community. This ranking structure was developed to reward dedicated community members with recognitions and encourage participation.


Your user rank appears under your username, and it is based on a combination of participation variables.


Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.46.06 PM.png

[Centrify Employees have the word "Centrify" in front of their rank names]


While we can’t give away the exact ranking formulas, any one of the following actives will have a direct impact on your ranking advancements:


  • Initiating conversations about Centrify products
  • Participating in existing discussions
  • Commenting on technical blogs
  • Providing accepted solutions to other community members’ questions
  • Receiving Kudos on helpful posts 
  • Submiting ideas to the Idea Exchange

As you move up the user ranks, you may discover a few pleasant surprises from time to time (including additional access and privileges in the community).


You can learn a lot about other community members from their user ranks. Generally speaking, higher ranked members are typically more active and helpful in our community. Here are the levels of user ranks, from beginner to advanced:




We hope the new ranking structure will make your stay at the Centrify Community a rewarding and fun experience.

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