Announcing Availability of Centrify Server Suite 2017.1

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Announcing Availability of Centrify Server Suite 2017.1

Centrify is pleased to announce Centrify Server Suite 2017.1, an update to our industry-leading solution for consolidating identities, enforcing multi-factor authentication, and implementing least privilege access all while monitoring privileged sessions across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems.


Enhancements to Centrify Server Suite include privilege management for network settings, upgrades to OpenSSL and OpenSSH, and expanded audit capture. Privileged users with the appropriate roles can now seamlessly perform administrative tasks for wired and wireless adapters. Additionally, organizations can now capture, document and report on vital contextual information through custom attributes associated with roles, role assignments and computer roles.


Centrify Server Suite 2017.1 delivers many usability and performance improvements, as well as flexibility through added MFA settings, Active Directory domain configuration options, and advanced monitoring query options.


New platform support in this release includes: Amazon Linux AMI (latest version x86_64); CentOS 6.9 (x86_64); Oracle Linux 6.9 (x86_64); RHEL 6.9 (x86_64); Ubuntu 17.04 (x86_64); Windows Server 2016; Windows 10.


Please refer to the What’s New in Centrify Server Suite 2017.1 page for a detailed description of new features.

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