Announcing the Availability of Centrify Server Suite 2017

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Announcing the Availability of Centrify Server Suite 2017

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Centrify Server Suite 2017 introduces advancements in monitoring and auditing to secure SSH and ensure activity is attributed to an individual, along with major updates to Kerberos support


Enhancements to Centrify Server Suite deliver advanced monitoring and auditing of applications and files at the process level on Linux servers and workstations. Combined with existing shell-based monitoring, which includes features such as command recognition, video recording, and time-indexed commands, Server Suite uniquely attributes all activity to an individual versus a shared account or an alias and can even monitor real-time changes to critical system files such as SSH keys. Advanced monitoring adds an additional layer of security and functionality by monitoring process calls from the system kernel, which are virtually impossible to spoof.


Other enhancements include:

  • Support for the Flexible Authentication Secure Tunneling (FAST) feature of Windows Server 2012 (aka Kerberos armoring)
  • New support for granular privilege management of Windows system management features including Windows roles, features and add/remove programs
  • Centrify Licensing Service, which provides a single, central location for Centrify Server Suite license management, and for viewing license usage
  • Bundled open source packages can now be shipped and updated separately
  • Performance of LDAP Proxy, Zone Provisioning Agent, and auditing

Take a look at additional resources below to learn more about Server Suite 2017:



We will update this announcement as more content becomes available, so be sure to subscribe to this thread for future updates.


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