Announcing the New Product Documentation Portal

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Announcing the New Product Documentation Portal

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Today we are implementing the first phase of a product documentation redesign. In this first phase, we have launched the Product Documentation portal, a new home page for all our documentation. From that home page you can go to administrator help, by service, for each service that is part of the Centrify Identity Services platform. You can also connect to user portal help and developer documentation. You will see more and more changes in the months to come as we phase in the redesign to every part of our extensive documentation set.


Improvements and benefits:

  • Modern and user-friendly design
  • Revised product categories to align with new product names
  • Improved Search experience within administrator and user documentation
  • New and improved developer documentation portal with its own focused Search



A few tips during the phasing-in of the redesign:


Search: To search all administrator and user documentation, use the Search in the home page. To search developer documentation, go to the developer documentation portal before searching.


Window behavior: Content that’s still in the old design, as well as the new developer site, will open in a new window. Opening in new windows will happen less often over time with administrator and user documentation, as more and more of that documentation is migrated into the new design.


To send us feedback: Click the email icon on any page of our documentation to tell us about that page or to send feedback about your experience with our design or this transition period as we continue to migrate and improve our documentation. You can also email our documentation team or leave a comment in the thread below. We welcome your feedback, however you communicate it!

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