April 2015 Member Spotlight: Meet Robertson Pimentel

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April 2015 Member Spotlight: Meet Robertson Pimentel

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For those of you who have been hanging out in our community, you may have read many Accepted Solutions and Kudoed posts by @Robertson. We've recently had the chance to sit down with Robertson to talk about his work, his experience in the community and get to know him better.


Name and Title: Robertson Pimentel, Systems Engineer at Centrify.




Tell us a bit about your role at Centrify. What’s a typical workday like for you?


I support the sales team in the New York Metropolitan district. My typical day involves combinations of travel, technical briefings & demos, evaluation assistance, answering community posts, documentation and special projects.


Can you talk a little more about the technical areas you specialize in?


We’ll, I’ve been around the block a few times so at some point of another I’ve done a bit of everything (helpdesk, systems administration, infrastructure management, training, consulting, business analysis, project management, product management, people development/professional development, quality assurance, security, etc). In this iteration of my career I specialize in Access Controls: Authentication, Privilege Management, Auditing, Federation around Active Directory and Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macs, Web clients and Mobile devices.


How long have you been participating in the Centrify Community?


I started 6 months after I was hired, 2 ½ years give or take.


What are some of your favorite moments in our community?


Regardless of the community or with prospects, the part that really gives me satisfaction is when customers “get it” and realize that things are much simpler than they thought. I appreciate when people give back and provide feedback (positive or negative) it tells us what’s working and what may not be working as well.


What’s one advice you’d give to someone new to Centrify platforms?


Don’t look at Centrify Server Suite or Identity Service as point solutions, they are quite strategic. Unfortunately a lot of prospects are looking to solve things like authentication or Federated SSO, but when you look under the covers you can see that the applicability goes beyond point problems. For example, the Centrify Standard agent may be used for PKI or to extend authentication to Apache & Java apps. Also CIS provides Mobile Device, Application and Container management. Very often, the price of our solutions can be justified by a single use case, but be used strategically across the organization.


What’s your favorite Centrify feature / function?


It’s not a feature per-se, but a philosophy and it has to do with simplicity. Our CTO stresses that things should require minimal infrastructure and just work and it’s reflected in all of our products. I also like the fact that we write all our software rather than buy and market a “Frankenstein-suite” that really makes our lives in sales easier.


What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?




My favorite activity is to watch and coach my son Vincent’s little-league baseball. There’s something I find fascinating about not knowing what’s going to happen in what may be seen as a “routine play.”


I’m also trying to work my way back to cycling shape. Injuries are hard to recover from at my age.


Do you have a man-cave / lab setup picture you can share with us?


Here’s my desktop:




Here’s what powers my lab:




I know you also have a personal blog on Centrify platforms. How did you get started?


Well, my blog is “practice reps to write a book” (I come from a sports background), so I decided to give a 3-view spin: Infrastructure (UNIX/Linux/Windows), Security and Project Management. I also use it to make my life easier, by documenting what I do in my lab (perhaps to prepare for a briefing, reproduce a behavior or answer a post) my prospects, customers and coworkers can benefit too. Also, I have pretty bad memory so when I need to revisit something I can always remind myself what I did to make something work. Smiley Happy

It has also evolved into some Skunkworks activities like what we’ve done with Hadoop, MongoDB, Couchbase (coming soon), etc.


Would you like to share something interesting about yourself with the community?


Okay, here’s a roulette:


What puzzles me?

I’m researching a lot about consumer behavior, especially as it relates to the factors that make prospects select and buy a security solution. Some of the decision making is fascinating.


What I’m working on?

I’ve been working on some blog posts related to PKI, one-way trusts, log aggregation, etc. so there’s some good stuff coming. I’m writing a Centrify bootcamp (codename Springfield) and I will share it with the community and via my blog.


What do you do to relax?

Trying to go through Halo Master Chief collection with my girlfriend and my 8-year old neighbor.


What’s your philosophy?

Always try to promote constant improvement, if you see a problem, try to identify the root cause and suggest what can be done to avoid it in the future.

A lot of the habits learned in sports translate to work: technique, practice, visualization and working on your craft.

A teaching approach works better for the technical sales side because ultimately prospects need to be comfortable with the solution.


What’s next?

I’m trying to learn Ruby. I believe if we can teach Developers from their learning steps to use Kerberos, GSSAPI, and Federation with Centrify tools we’ll get more traffic to the community and get our products noticed. I have my eye on Docker containers.


Something odd?

I think in Spanish.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us @Robertson!


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Re: April 2015 Member Spotlight: Meet Robertson Pimentel

Way to go Robertson!!

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