Centrify Customer Success Webinar - Expert Hour for MFA

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Centrify Customer Success Webinar - Expert Hour for MFA

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Centrify Expert Hour for MFA


Recording for on-demand playback:


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Nick Mika

Senior Technical Support Engineer


With billions of passwords having been compromised and made available to attackers, we have to assume that password-based security is no longer effective. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds a layer of security that allows companies to protect against the leading cause of data breach – compromised credentials.


On Wednesday, June 21, join Nick Mika from the Centrify’s Customer Success team for a live Q&A session on Centrify MFA. Get answers to frequently asked questions such as:


  • What is MFA?
  • Why is MFA important?
  • Using Centrify’s “MFA everywhere” solution, what end points and services can be protected?
  • What MFA challenges does Centrify support?
  • What are MFA best practices?



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