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Centrify Education News

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Centrify University is now available via SSO with your Centrify.com account!  If you were a member of the pilot program, thank you again!  Now, everyone can enjoy easy SSO access over to Centrify University when you login to your Centrify.com account and then click on the link for Centrify University.  There’s no more need to use a separate login and password for Centrify U.


At Centrify, we work enthusiastically to constantly update the offerings within Centrify University, improve Centrify customer-facing training and expand the customer education offerings globally to our highly-valued Centrify Identity Platform customers. 

Centrify University now has over 11,000 active learners and is the home for cutting edge on-demand courses which are richly stocked with modern demonstration videos and downloadable materials including step-by-step learner guides that provide everything you need to know to get started with Centrify Identity Platform products.


The eLearning courses and learning series currently available include:


  • (NEW) Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Getting Started with Centrify Application Services
  • Configuring Applications
  • Introduction to Multi-Factor Authentication


Centrify Certified Administrator Exams


We’ve recently added the Centrify Certified Application Services Administrator Exam and the Centrify Certified Systems Administrator Exam for those looking to certify their Centrify knowledge!  For more information about these exams, email university@centrify.com.


Coming Soon to a Classroom or Virtual Instructor-Led Training near you:


Centrify Education is pleased to announce that on January 29, 2018, we will be releasing the Centrify Infrastructure Service Training course. This new course combines what was previously known as the Centrify Server Suite course with what was previously known as the Centrify Privilege course. The newly updated course will be 4-days long. Watch the following link for the course schedule: https://www.centrify.com/services/training/classroom-training/.


Happy Learning!


Centrify Education


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