Centrify Technical Support Newsletter - July 2016

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Centrify Technical Support Newsletter - July 2016

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The Centrify Technical Support Newsletter provides information about current product releases, top Knowledge Base articles, community topics, technical articles, and other educational and training resources.


In this edition, we would like to highlight the following:


  • Centrify Identity Service Getting Started Microsite 
  • Product Support FAQ 
  • New Centrify Cloud Release Notes 
  • Centrify Server Suite & Mac Edition 2016.1 
  • Club C Online Advocacy Hub 

Your feedback is always appreciated, please contact Centrify Support so that we can continue to innovate and provide the best experience for your Centrify products.




New: Centrify Identity Service Getting Started Microsite

We are pleased to introduce a new interactive onboarding site for our Identity Service customers: The Identity Service Getting Started Microsite.


Navigate to the new Identity Service Getting Started microsites directly from the Support Portal


The goal of our Getting Started site is to help new Centrify customers successfully rollout the Identity Service product to end-users. It contains best practice tips, detailed implementation guides, technical videos and helpful templates. From project planning to implementation and configuration, this interactive resource will act as your virtual technical project manager every step of the way.


The new Getting Started site contains step-by-step instructions, videos and more



New: Product Support FAQ


In addition to the Getting Started microsites, we’ve also launched new Support FAQ sites for Identity ServiceIdentity Service for Mac and Server Suite. These new FAQ sites contain collections of the most helpful knowledge base articles and product documentation. They are organized by topics to help you with day-to-day support and implementation questions.


Bookmark these new Support FAQ sites as your one-stop-shop for helpful product solutions


New Centrify Cloud Release Notes


Starting with Centrify Cloud 16.4, Identity Service and Privilege Service release notes and feature highlights are now published in the Centrify Community under the Centrify Cloud Highlights and Release Notes tech blog. Be sure to register for the Centrify Community and subscribe to this node for up-to-date Centrify Cloud release information.


Consolidated Release Notes and Feature Highlights in the Centrify Community


Register for the Centrify Community and Subscribe to Centrify Cloud Release Notes and Feature Highlights





Announcing Availability of Centrify Server Suite 2016.1


Centrify is pleased to announce Centrify Server Suite 2016.1, an update to our industry-leading solution for consolidating identities, enforcing multi-factor authentication, and implementing least privilege access all while monitoring privileged sessions across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems.


Enhancements to Centrify Server Suite include new platform support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) for servers.  MFA for servers is now supported at login for IBM AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris, while MFA can also be enforced when privilege is elevated on Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. Additionally, MFA for Servers now supports existing RSA SecureID environments.  This release also extends smart card and certificate management capabilities with support for Elliptic Curve algorithms.


In addition to the new features delivered in this release, Centrify Server Suite 2016.1 delivers many usability and performance improvements, as well as flexibility through added reporting options, audit configuration options, and command line utilities. 


New platform support in this release includes: AIX 7.2; Amazon Linux AMI (latest); CentOS 7.2; Debian Linux 7.10, 8.3, 8.4; Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.2; Scientific Linux 7.2; openSUSE 42.1; SUSE 12 SP1; and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.


Please refer to the What’s New in Centrify Server Suite 2016.1 page for a detailed description of new features.





Centrify has launched Club C – a new online advocacy hub where you’ll be able to:


  • Connect and share knowledge with your peers in a private forum 
  • Participate in advocacy activities and challenges 
  • Build your reputation as a technical expert or thought-leader 
  • Choose from a variety of rewards for your participation 

Once you join, you’ll start earning points which you can redeem for gift cards or Centrify swag – or save your points toward a higher-value reward like computer-based training or passes to next year’s Centrify Connect.


Please sign up here using your business email, and begin earning points right away!





    Community Tech Blogs and How-to Videos

Register for the Centrify Community and join the conversation today!


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Helpful Knowledge Base Articles

KB-6906: How to convert a distribution group to a security group
KB-7041: Can not login through Ubuntu / Debian GUI after installing DirectControl 5.3.1
KB-6731: Impact of Badlock (CVE-2016-0128/CVE-2016-2118) on Centrify-Enabled Samba
KB-5474: How to capture network traffic from Mac devices using Fiddler
KB-6834: Additional configuration steps for deploying Adbindproxy on RHEL 7
KB-7095: Error When configuring or synchronizing Centrify Report Services with Suite 2016
KB-6842: Overview of the steps to upgrade or migrate from Centrify-enabled Samba to stock Samba with...
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KB-7064: When UAC is Disabled on Windows 2012 R2 DZWin Client, the Centrify Start Menu is Not Availa...
KB-6940: How to obtain Centrify-enabled Putty to version 0.67
KB-6863: Failed to add Master Auditor (RPC server unavailable)
KB-6664: LDAP Proxy fails to find partially defined profiles in child zones
KB-7073: GPG key for Centrify RPM packages
KB-6984: Can a Privilege Desktop be launched when a user login into a system?
KB-6961: How to stop Centrify OpenSSH from starting if it doesn't appear in the chkconfig list
KB-6933: When will Centrify-enabled PuTTY upgrade to 0.67?
KB-6642: Getting started with 802.1X for Mac - Configuration Overview
KB-7084: Using SELinux and AppArmor with Centrify Samba
KB-7039: In Direct Audit, with command auditing enabled, two sessions were logged instead of one

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