Centrify Technical Support Newsletter - March 2015

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Centrify Technical Support Newsletter - March 2015

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The Centrify Technical Support Newsletter provides information about current product releases, top Knowledge Base articles, community topics, technical articles, and other educational and training resources.


In this edition, we would like to highlight the following:

  • New Elite service offering
  • Centrify Server Suite 2015
  • 15.2 release of Centrify Identity Service


Your feedback is always appreciated, please contact Centrify Support so that we can continue to innovate and provide the best experience for your Centrify products.  


[NEW] Centrify Support Level - Elite


Technical Account Manager The Elite Difference


Improve the value of your solutions from Centrify Corporation and increase the productivity of your IT staff with a single point of contact determined to help you succeed.


Along with the services, support and education required for your organization to receive increasing value from your Centrify Solutions, our Technical Account Managers (TAM) will serve as a primary point of contact to enhance your experience with products licensed from Centrify Corporation. Think of it as having a member of your team embedded within Centrify Support to facilitate you getting more out of the products and services available to you, as well as expedited resolution to issues you may encounter along the way.


For more information on our new Elite Support option, please download the datasheet


[NEW] Support Site


A Clean, Modern User Interface to Improve Your Support Experience


Centrify.com was re-launched in February with a brand new look and feel, and our support site has been redesigned with a modern and streamlined layout. Take a look at our brand new support portal for all your technical needs.


Product Releases


Centrify Server Suite 2015


List of Components Updated

  • DirectControl - 5.2.2
  • DirectManage - 5.2.2
  • DirectAudit - 3.2.2
  • Centrify-enabled Open SSH - 5.2.2

Hadoop Support: Centrify Server Suite 2015 facilitates the deployment of Hadoop in secure mode by automating the creation of Hadoop headless accounts and per node service accounts, as well as providing support for Kerberos keytab management.


Audit Trail: Audit Trail events are now documented for customer use. Refer to AuditTrailEvents.xml for a list of all Trail Events.


Platform Support: Platform support has been added for more than 10 new versions of OS. Refer to the release notes for details.


For a detailed list of improved features and supported platforms, please see what's new in Server Suite 2015 and Release Notes.


Centrify Identity Service


Mac Edition 2015


  • Administrators can join a Mac to AD using Apple UID
  • New Group Policies (refer to What's new in Mac Edition for details on new Group Policies)


App/App+ Edition 15.2


Centrify for Office 365 Enhancements: The Provisioning App now offers the ability to display detailed domain federation information.


App Gateway improvements: Administrators can now swap the Centrify-generated A-records and help simplify the app deployment.


Simplified Cloud Connector configuration and much more. Refer to the What¹s New page for a detailed description of the features. For a detailed list of improved features, please see this community product announcement.


Community News


"Reply by Email" Functionality


Good news community members, you can now reply to community discussions via your email client! In addition, it is also possible to mark posts as solutions or give kudos directly from email. For more information, take a look at this how-to post.


Don't Miss These Latest Community Tech Tips and Articles


If you haven't done so already, take a moment to register for a free community account and join the conversation with other Centrify experts today!


Educational Resources


Popular Knowledge Base Articles


To find these articles, go to the Knowledge Base and search for "KB-xxxx".


Centrify Server Suite

  • KB-3334: How to migrate SQL databases associated with a Centrify DirectManage Audit 3.x installation from one database server to another
  • KB-1425: adclient goes into "disconnected mode"
  • KB-3285: How to enable Debug3 for SSH issues
  • KB-0029: Firewall port settings for Centrify DirectControl
  • KB-0446: How to turn on Samba debug logs

 Centrify Identify Service, Mac Edition

  • KB-2554: How to deploy mobileconfig profiles on Mac OS X 10.7 and higher
  • KB-3000: Troubleshooting login issues on Mac systems
  • KB-3064: How to convert a Network Account without a network home directory into a Mobile Account
  • KB-2798: How to setup a workstation-authentication certificate for auto-enrollment for Mac OS X
  • KB-3018: Troubleshooting smart card issues on Mac systems
  • KB-3001: Troubleshooting Group Policy issues on Mac systems

Centrify Identify Service, App/App+ Edition

  • KB-4736: How to record headers and traces for Centrify Cloud debugging
  • KB-4413: Office 2013 applications prompt for credentials to SharePoint, OneDrive & Lync Online
  • KB-4257: Troubleshooting Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) with Centrify for SaaS
  • KB-5083: How to grant read-only access to Centrify Support
  • KB-4901: List of AD attributes that are synced into Office 365 cloud with Centrify provisioning


Centrify Resource Center


  • The Centrify Resource Center provides technical videos, application notes, white papers, and other materials that will help you get more value out of Centrify Solutions


Centrify Blogs


  • Keep up to date with Centrify and current IT Security best practices by subscribing to our blogs
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